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Retail Loss Prevention

Racs Security Inc is the best choice for all your Security needs.

Turn to us for efficient solutions to effectively protect your establishment and safeguard your inventory. We can help you detect suspicious shopping habits, identify potential shoplifters, and keep your operations secure through our top-notch and specialized retail investigation skills. We are determined to give your business the respect and protection it deserves regardless of it’s size.

Strategies for loss prevention and fraud detection:

  • Uniformed security staff providing protection and theft deterrence.
  • Security personnel for doorman services at events and functions, including shags and parties.
  • Identification of subjects under the influence of drugs, or hurrying through the store.
  • Observe and identify the most seasoned or professional shoplifters.
  • Security staff that can identify effectively what stands out, and effectively deal with situations as they arise.
  • Mastery in effective apprehension once a incident has occurred.

Undercover Licensed Investigator

When in-depth intelligence is required, a strategically placed undercover private investigator within a facility maybe the prudent solution over other Investigative methods.

Racs Security Inc employs experienced detectives and investigators who have worked in various investigative situations. We utilize the latest technologies and tactical technical equipment to exceed industry standards and our client’s expectations. We are constantly participating in the latest training and learning about leading-edge investigative techniques.


  • Surveillance and covert tracking
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Corporate investigations
  • Law firm support
  • Insurance investigations

Employee Investigation Integrity and Mystery Shopping

Are you looking to guarantee customer service and employee honesty at your business?

If you own or manage a business, save your profits and your business by getting a realistic view from a customer’s perspective. Racs Security Inc provides mystery shoppers that pose as customers or clients and try to find out whether your employees honest and helpful.

What will a mystery shopper do?

  • Purchase something
  • Ask questions
  • Ask customer service for support
  • Note the quality of items post-purchase
  • Investigate digital services (including websites and social media)
  • Call and test phone services
  • Compare the business to its competitors

Store Audits

Racs Security Inc assesses the health of your retail location using hard data. We comb through your store to collect security information on what’s working, what’s selling and what isn’t.

Our team will guide you through the process, providing you valuable knowledge and insights to help you determine the best retail execution tools for your business’ needs.
Whether managing a team in single store or overseeing a group of reps who visit multiple locations daily – we can help you optimize your line-of-sight field management, remote team task management and communications.

Uniformed Security Services

Racs Security Inc’s physical security guard team are highly trained in first aid, customer service, and handling incidents without disruption to your operations.

The team will be polite, proactive, and professional. These qualities combined with a friendly, positive demeanor that sets a positive environment for both employees and customers. Our stringent recruitment process ensures that all of our staff are confident, capable and striving to keep your envisions the main goal.
  • Condominium concierge
  • Apartment building
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail
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